GAIN Token sale

GAIN token is a utlity/governance token. Holding GAIN Tokens will allow you to interact with project funding through a democratic system. Funds that are held, waiting for a payout, are generating an extra income using stable DeFi protocol. The Yield is distributed through a buyback process, on the GAIN token, selecting randomly one of the platforms we are listed on. The buybacks will occur at each milestones achievement. Find out more about the token.

Community Rounds

Fund raised


Soft cap

2 000 000 USD

Hard cap

7 000 000 USD

Pledged Capital has designed token mecanics in order to reward community first. Buybacks, burning system are core of our tokenomics in order to allow an organic grow of our token utility.

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Token amount

Min investment amount

Price per token

Start date

End date

Token sale ends in

100 000 000 GAIN

50 USD

0,05 USD

1 July 2022

1 August 2022

How to buy GAIN tokens

1 / Enter app
Connect your wallet and complete KYC, should you not have done so yet.

2 / Go to Projects section
On left side menu choose projects. Click on Pledged Capital.

3 / Click on Invest button
After you click on invest button, choose your network and how much GAIN tokens you wish to buy.

Enter app

Fundraisers and project owners will be able to burn GAIN token in order to mint NFT's.


55 423 299.62 GAIN

Number of tokens purchased


1 314


Token use cases



Pledge token is deposited into the platform governance pool, to give investors voting power in project related decision making. (Fund-blocking, Increases, New Milestones etc.)

NFT Minting

NFT’s are minted to act as user ID-Access cards for users to access project exclusive features like tiered investor chat or stores contractual data such as vesting periods.

Funding Opportunities

Staking, YieldFarming, allocations usage and chat reputation will define your access to platform features and provide a trust score that will define your investment opportunities.