Insight into the Bat collection

Our team designed The Pledged Capital Bat NFTs to merge two worlds

Art + Technology / Utility

We created the Pledged Capital Bat to help inexperienced investors onto the right path. The Pledged Capital Bat has been designed to infiltrate the Meme Communities and give them a helping hand to step out of the dark universe of s*#!t coins.

Bat’s goal is to help people to start learning about real investment opportunities that will advance them and the entire crypto space to a better future.

We will utilize these NFTs to store contractual data between Investor and Project and will mint unique Identification and Reward Badges for the investor community. The Pledged Capital Bat NFT collection was launched in collaboration with DirtyPigs.

Holders of this collection also get


Special sales auction


Investor score boost for better allocation


In app staking boost


Special badge for chats and private chat access level


You will be part of the NFT Market

Each NFT is unique

Only one will ever be minted