All timeline stories.

Q1 2023

DEVELOPMENT PoC Single Sign On NFT – ID NFT V2. Launch of the education library programme Launch of the SAAS cybersecurity branch. REGULATION AND CORPORATE Expansion plan

Q4 2022

DEVELOPMENT Governance section update and implementation Tiered Chat – monitoring, NFT access card test and badges Reputation score update Building community launchpad with success scores Create, develop and integrate a privacy network focused on security and safety MARKETING Listing Event : CEX REGULATION AND CORPORATE Launch of the Programme Pledged…

Q3 2022

DEVELOPMENT Implementation of the DeFi module. Internal Yield Farming Direct deals for the platform Creating of FAIR-Listing module MARKETING Onboarding new projects Build the media outlet Influencer facility for seeking a contract. Signup + Incentive program Expending PR presence to traditional real world use cases Trading competition programme Ambassador programm…

Q2 2022

DEVELOPMENT App Update of distribution and project section KYC and secure log in implementation Expanding our contracts to Avalanche – C chain Kick-start of fund-raising Investors score contract deploy to testnet (Oracle Chainlink) Utility NFT Collection implementation Release Redeemable NFT Deploying Governance Democratic council to Testnet Access Card NFT V1(SAFT…

Q1 2022

DEVELOPMENT Designing Investor profile and settings section Creating first utility NFT Collection Staking calculator Deploying Staking to Testnet Deploying Redeemable NFT contract to Testnet Deploying MilesStone feature to Testnet ( Launchpad Contract) Aquisition of Unique Domain NFT (Butterfly) Building a new website MARKETING Rebranding to Pledged Capital Re-launch of social…

Q4 2021

DEVELOPMENT Core team establishment Primary network selection: Polygon MARKETING Growing internal marketing team Expansion to Asian, Latin American, Slavic & Arabian Crypto Market Continued marketing activities REGULATION AND CORPORATE Applying to Central Bank license for Institution funds custody PARTNERSHIP Dirty Pigs NFT collection, StackOS

Q3 2021

MARKETING Community building REGULATION AND CORPORATE Establishing project foundation in Portugal Publishing White paper + Investors Deck INNOVATION Onbording main advisors