Safe for Investors
Powerful for Projects

Pledged Capital is a decentralized blockchain based platform
where investors can fund start-ups with the lowest risk.

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Pledged Capital

The platform enables start-ups a simple and effective way to get funded their projects. Investors release funds based on the successful completion of pre-agreed project milestones. This eliminates the risk of complete investment failure.

Funds waiting to be released, are allocated to stable yield farming protocol and distributed among the users of the platform.

5 890

New crypto projects in 2021


Total amount of funds received in 2021


Increase of ICO failures in 2021

For investors

  • Special allocation according to your investor score and reputation
  • Funds are held in smart contracts and released in milestone based payouts
  • Funds are allocated to best performing yield-farming protocols while waiting for payout
  • Investor governance pool gives voting power to influence funding decisions
  • NFT access badges act as ID cards for accessing projects & investor information
  • Exclusive chat room access for projects information

For startups

  • You will be introduced to serious and VIP investors
  • Platform gives you an unique way to build trust with your audience
  • NFT access badges act as ID cards for accessing projects & investor information
  • Chat room access in dApp with an identified audience
  • Your team will better understand the needs of your community

GAIN Token Use Case



GAIN token is deposited into the platform governance pool, to give investors voting power in project related decision making. (Fund-blocking, Increases, New Milestones etc.)

NFT Minting

NFTs is minted to act as user ID-Access Cards for users to access project exclusive features like tiered investor chat or stores contractual data like vesting periods.

Funding Opportunities

Staking, YieldFarming, allocations usage, chat reputation will define your access to platform features and provide a trust score that will define your investment opportunity.